Coach Kontos was named a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, which is the highest honor given in the collegiate strength coaching profession. Coach Kontos has spent over 25 years working with collegiate athletes at the Division I level. He works directly with Sport Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists as well as team doctors to design and implement and supervise strength, speed, and agility programs for a wide range of sports. 

Personally, Coach Kontos played soccer in middle school and lacrosse in high school and began lifting in 1988. After several years of training, he focused on powerlifting. In College, he made a brief shift to bodybuilding and competed in the Mt Rogers Classic, placing 4th. Twenty-two years after he began his lifting journey, he squatted 600lbs in knee wraps in the 198 lb weight class which placed him 7th on the all-time highest squat for his age and weight class. Coach Kontos has competition best lifts of 560 in double-ply at 181 and a 435 bench at 198 in double-ply. 

Currently, Coach Kontos continues to train hard weekly and knows that patience and persistence get you where you want to go if you put in the work. 

Coach Kontos specializes in programs designed for injury prevention and elevating athletes to their highest level.



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Coach Kontos

Patience and persistence get you where you want to go if you put in the work. 

For questions, please contact tim.kontos@gmail.com

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